Saturday, February 25, 2006

Rehearsal Day in Chicago

There's no way yesterday could have ended any differently...

Got back to the hotel around midnight. Gave the bellman my luggage receipt while I was picking up my room key at the desk. He came back a minute later – couldn't find my bag and could I please come take a look in the storage area to see if I could ID it for him. No sweat, I go check it out. Oops, not there.

OK, still not a problem. Between him, the desk clerk and me, we decide that my bag must have been placed in my room sometime during the day when the room became available. I really don't like having hotel staff come into my room anytime during my stay, but since I hadn't yet been up to the room, I can overlook it. Up to the room I go.

No bag. Anywhere. Looked under everything, over everything, behind everything, even looked in the tub. No bag. Not good.

Head back downstairs. Re-search the storage area with the bellman. Go to the desk to confer with the clerk. A few (tense) minutes later, my bag is located in an office area behind the desk. Whew! This could only happen on a day like today.

On to today…

Got up around 7:30. Still feeling washed-out, but some of that can be attributed to the Mucinex I've been taking. After a long, hot shower to clear out the sinuses, I feel pretty darned good. Do some reading and email, then head to the venue around 11. Stop at Subway for a "Veggie Delight" for early lunch.

Work on setting up my files most of the afternoon. Rob's manager/business manager Derrell comes by with his 3 kids. We get introduced, but since he's got his kids hanging out, we'll talk business tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, guess I should mention. I bought a house over my wintertime break. I've been renting apartments for the last 15 years, so this was a pretty big step for me.

After pissing away all of my money all my life, I stopped dating about this time last year, and by the end of '05, I suddenly had more money than I'd EVER had in my life. So I bought a MONEY PIT. Gee, from one deep hole to throw my money down, to another…

It's a cute little brick bungalow in the Hi-Mount neighborhood in Raleigh, which borders the Five Points neighborhood. Two bedrooms, one bath, about 1030 square feet total. Which is as big a house as a single guy needs. Not too much to heat, to cool, or to clean.

Having a bunch of work done to it. The plumbing and electrical was taken care of a couple of weeks ago. New roof put on last week. Front porch flat roof fixed. Next comes new gutters and the rebuild of the porch ceiling.

Here's a couple of shots of Mike Brown's crew doing the roof. These guys had the whole roof stripped and the felt down within 2 hours. Pretty awesome.

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