Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Too Sick To Travel...

Well, today was supposed to be the day I flew out to begin work on my new gig, R. Kelly. Rehearsals start tomorrow in Chicago.

Here's what's going on instead...

I've been battling some sort of bug for a few weeks (picked it up in the Juror Lounge, while on Jury Duty in late January). Thought I was pretty much over it when I went to visit my mom in Charlotte last Thursday at Elmcroft, the assisted living facility she resides in. But perhaps I picked up something else while I was there.

I started feeling like crap when I woke up on Saturday morning (around 4:30am!) and only got worse throughout the day. Got less than 3 hours sleep Saturday night, waking around 3am, and was up from then. Was running a fever over 101 by 7am. By 11, I was waiting outside for the Doc-In-A-Box to open. My BP spiked while I was there, too. Got the doc to write me a scrip for a Z-Pack, got it filled, grabbed a little grub from the grocery store, and headed for the couch.

By 4pm, the fever was running 103. Felt like shit. A fever this high can be dangerous, so I filled a bowl with rubbing alcohol and started sponging down my head, neck and chest every 10-15 minutes to help bring my body temp down. Can you guess - my mom was a nurse, and I actually learned a few things from her.

Early evening I called Chris Gratton, our production manager. He agreed that I was too sick to fly, and that it would be bad if I came out and infected others on the tour. My Tuesday flight was delayed until Friday.

My personal nurse (and Angel of Mercy) Paige came by around 8pm with lots of goodies. VapoRub Inhaler, SudaCare Inhaler wall plug-in, VapoRub Cream, anti-viral wipes, anti-viral Kleenex, Mucinex, Mucinex DM, lots of Gatorade, a box of Hot Chocolate mix, and a bowl of her homemade vegetarian chili.

I sniffed, snorted, wiped, creamed, drank, ate, etc. everything in hopes of feeling better. Even tried the little known remedy of applying VapoRub to the soles of my feet before going to bed. And yeah, you have to put socks on when you do this.

Monday was better. My temp pretty much ran between 100 and 102 all day, but I could tell I was starting to feel better.

I've been reading James Patterson's "Mary Mary" over the past week or so, but I've only gotten to page 32 so far. Well, I knocked out the other 276 pages on Monday, finishing it just before midnight. Good read.

Slept over 6 hours last night. Most in a week. Temp's been under 99 so far today.

Things are getting better!

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