Friday, March 20, 2009

Lovin' The Greenway

I gotta say, I love the City of Raleigh's Greenway Trail System. I try to walk on it every morning, I run on it, I bike on it, I spot critters on it, I even occasionally try to single-handedly stamp out Wake County's copperhead population on it.

I've been neglecting to post a few photos I've recently taken while out and about, so today is catch-up day…

A geezer on the greenway:

A way cool house you can only see this time of year, when the trees are bare:I'd love to see this house from the other (street) side and have been meaning to go driving around in that neighborhood to find it.

Part of the boardwalk over the marshlands in East Raleigh:

First snake of the year, spotted on March 7th:I very gently shoo'ed it off the greenway path and back into the woods.

A beaver I spotted a few minutes later. You may have to click on this photo to enlarge it so you can see him:

The second snake, spotted March 9th:This one was also gently shoo'ed away.

According to this sign, located at one of the greenway's trailheads, I guess it is illegal for me to be whacking those copperheads. Both the cops I talked to about it said they'd do the same thing, but maybe they haven't seen the signs.

Of course, I ignore the bottom sign, too. Who the hell is gonna ride their bike under 10 miles-per-hour? Sure ain't gonna be me...

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