Friday, March 13, 2009

Bored, With Typos

It's a cold, rainy, nasty day outside. Gonna be that way all day, I hear. Perfect for staying indoors and watching the ACC men's basketball tournament.

Watching the Carolina/Virginia Tech game, something kept bugging me every time they'd break for a commercial. I finally realized I was staring at a big fat typo in the on-screen graphic. See it?

You're right – there's supposed to be an "r" in the middle of the word Quarterfinals.

OK, rainy day, I'm bored, totally anal about typos (although I'm guilty of plenty of them myself), and the telephone is within arm's reach. So I called the Raycom Sports home office in Charlotte and tell Linda, the nice lady who answered the phone, about what I'd observed. I gave the situation 50/50 odds of being remedied. Would they care?

It took them until the end of the game, but they finally fixed it:

I wonder if some engineer somewhere was embarrassed?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bob: You just defined the essence of the phrase "too much time on my hands".

I spot crap like that fairly regularly. I can't see my own typos, but I can spot others' a mile away. It's a curse.