Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day Off in Chicago

Or more specifically, a day off in Hoffman Estates, IL, 30 miles outside of Chicago.

We had to load out of the venue last night because of some previously contracted events. We'll be loading back in on Monday morning. In the meantime, I've got a few days off here.

Hoffman Estates is where the Sears Centre is located. It's a very nice, if smallish, new venue. Great place to do production rehearsals. Not a great place to be staying in the Marriott located a half-mile from the venue. There's a new shopping center a block from the hotel, but not much else.

Restaurant choices include the hotel's lobby restaurant, a Subway, a Jimmy John's, a Panda Express, and a place called Claim Jumper. I skipped lunch today, and opted for Claim Jumper for dinner. Had a pretty decent appetizer, the Avocado Rolls. Had the Cedar Plank Salmon for my entrée. Stupid-sized portions of both. I think I left more of each than I ate.

When I first walked in and sat at the bar, I was a bit perturbed that they were OUT of Budweiser. Let's see, it's only the BEST-SELLING BEER IN THE ENTIRE USA, but you can't seem to keep your inventory straight.

OK, whatever. I drank Pacifico Beer instead.

The atmosphere of the place was sorta like a Stonewood Grill crossed with a J. Gilbert's, with just a touch of "generic sports bar" thrown in. Pleasant enough way to kill a couple of hours.

I was back in my room by 9pm.


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