Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Travel Day to Germany

Today started easy enough. My girlfriend Karen picked me up about 8:30 to head out to the airport. I had a 10:35 flight from Raleigh to Dallas, then a flight from there to Frankfurt, Germany. Kinda weird that I wasn't flying Raleigh to London to Frankfurt, but I suppose they wanted to keep the crew together for the long flight overseas.

This was the first time in many years I had to leave a girlfriend behind to go to work (gee, can you tell I haven't dated anyone in a while?), and I gotta say, I was a little wigged out about it. I'll be coping, and I guess she'll be coping, too.

The flight to Dallas was fine. I was in First Class. Read my hometown newspaper and was there in a flash. Hung out for an hour before any other crew folks started showing up, and by then, it was pretty much time to board for Germany.

I was in Business Class for the long haul, a ten-hour-and-forty-minute flight. Due to the fact that it was in the air on time at 2:40pm, it didn't really make sense for me to go to sleep, considering we'd be landing at 7:30am in Germany, which was 1:30am back home in Raleigh, not long after I'd typically go to sleep.

I watched a movie called "The Book Of Eli" and enjoyed it. Watched a few TV shows, and read a couple of newspapers. Even managed to take a nap for nearly an hour, which is sure to come in handy later…


Sherry said...

There's always email to keep you in touch. You'll be back in no time and reunion sex is the best!

Sherry said...
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Sunny said...


Can a thread still reach you 2 years later? My friend Heather (yawnathon) and I want to talk to you soon about our other guilty pleasure blog :) There is some madness going on over there!!

Much love,
Shelby (Sunny)