Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Show Day in Arnhem, Holland

Another brutal day…got 30 minutes of sleep last night at the Dublin hotel before I had to get up and head to the airport for this morning's flight into Amsterdam. Got another 30 minutes on the plane.

Landed in Amsterdam and straight away to our hotel, arriving around 9:30am. Rooms not ready, imagine that! Within 20-30 minutes, about half us got room keys. Everybody kinda buddied up, so all would have a place to hang out, even if they were waiting for their own rooms. I let Steven Douglas, our LD, crash out in my room while I met up for 4-5 other folks to eat breakfast downstairs. The breakfast is included with our rooms, but not for this morning, since we're checking in. It's for tomorrow, and they won't budge, despite our promises not to eat it tomorrow morning. Can you say 25 Euros for breakfast? Can you say $31.00 USD? It was good, but it wasn't THAT good…

Split for the gig about 12:30pm, it being almost two hours away in Arnhem. Jane's Addiction is opening tonight, a band I can't fucking stand to listen to, but my old buddy Brad Divens is doing FOH for them and hanging out with Brad is always fun.

Got back super late to the hotel following the gig, but we can sleep in a bit tonight before flying to Madrid early tomorrow afternoon.

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