Friday, June 4, 2010

Show Day in Nuerburg, Germany

Not a bad night's sleep, considering it's our one and only night on an overnight bus ride during this tour. We'll be flying city-to-city for the rest of this run, which is gonna be a big pain in the ass.

I woke up about 10km from the festival site. Today's show is at the Rock Am Ring Festival, with about 80,000 kids in attendance, just like yesterday. Slash and Jay-Z are both playing on our stage today, and I hope to see a few minutes of each set. My buddy Bobby Schneck plays guitar in Slash's band – hope to get some hang time with him at some point.

Got the office set up, and headed over to the Rage compound to grab a shower. On the way over, who do I run into but Herman The German, my old friend. I met Herman 9 years ago on my first tour accounting gig. I was with Slipknot, who were headlining the Pledge Of Allegiance Tour in 2001. He was doing security for the German band Rammstein, who were also on that tour. We later worked together for System Of A Down, and he's spent the last 3-4 years with Three Doors Down. So these days, he's become the Artist Rep for Gibson Guitars here in Germany and is here at the festival to meet all the musicians. He's got a big ol' showroom by the dressing room compound to show all the latest Gibson and Epiphone guitars and basses and whatnot to them.

Hang out with Herman for about half an hour getting caught up. Miss the guy. Before he got into touring, he owned a gym in Mannheim, and was a professional wrestler. I mean, he's a BIG DUDE! You can see him HERE.

Later on, I got to hang out with Bobby and get caught up with his world. Met a couple of the other guys in Slash's band, they're all nice kids.

Watched a few songs of Slash's set, but never saw Jay-Z. Busy doing other stuff. Plus, I'd seen him last year when he opened a few shows for Coldplay, who I was working for.

A few shots from today…

Andy, Slim and Mike (drum tech, guitar tech, monitor engineer) just before our set.

A shot from the drum riser:

Slim getting ready:

The show from up top:

Show over:

After the show, 2-hour drive to Koln (Cologne), into rooms for a couple hours of sleep, then we'll be leaving at 6am to go to the airport to fly to London.

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