Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Show Day in Minneapolis, MN

Tonight was the last Rage Against The Machine show of the year. Lots or rowdy kids inside:

And LOTS of cops outside. They were circling the entire arena (the Target Center), which takes up a pretty good-sized block in downtown Minneapolis.

After the show, Zack (the singer) came back out onstage and told the kids not to start trouble when they left the building because that's exactly what the cops were waiting for. In spite of Zack's chat with them, 102 people were arrested on a variety of charges.

We had our end-of-tour party around the corner in some bar, but it was a bit of a let down. It wasn't really the celebration of all the good times we've had on this tour together that I thought it would be. Too many idiots and strangers showed up, and we couldn't figure out who the hell invited all these people. Most of the crew left just as soon as we could and headed back to the hotel.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot this. Check out the message spelled out in the lights above the stage. It was like that for the 30-minute changeover before Rage came on tonight.

And check out a report on the preceedings HERE.

(Thanks for the heads-up on that one, Angela!)


DreamerM said...

Can't say I blame them for the "Fuck You" after what happened earlier.

A number of those arrested weren't even at the protests, they were just watching them. Everyone kept it orderly, for once. Zack the spitfire-rap animal has a classy streak that rubs off on people.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for the pics. Do you have any more pics of the front row? I say this because I'm in those pics you posted (behind the guy in the white shirt) but you can only see my hair..

Bobzilla said...

Sorry, those two shots are the only ones of the front row that I kept. The rest were either out of focus, or just not good enough. Happy to send you the original photos if you want them. Just send me your email address...


Anonymous said...

Sure, my email is

Thanks for the original photos