Friday, September 26, 2008

Day Off in Anaheim, CA

The perfect day off. Got plenty of sleep on the bus overnight and woke up 5 minutes before we pulled off the highway to go to the hotel. I was in my room by 8:30 – yay!

Walked about ¾ mile down the street to do my laundry, then grabbed a Quizno's sammich on the way back to my room.

Surfed the web, watched a few TV shows I had downloaded to my computer, then went to the nearby shopping area to scope out restaurants for our day-off dinner. Did a little windowshopping there, too.

I also stuck my head in Best Buy for about 15 minutes, but there wasn't anything in there I couldn't live without.

Met production manager John down in the lobby bar around 5pm. Stage manager Matt and rigger Lyle show up a few minutes later and off we went. I had found a place earlier called the Broiler Market that had a killer menu. And their food turned out to be terrific! Everyone enjoyed it.

Back to the hotel bar, and I made it to my room around 10pm…

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