Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Still Travellin'...

It took me until early afternoon to finally get home to Raleigh. By that time, I'd been 34 hours out of Tokyo. Sheesh!

My buddy Greg Howard picked me up at the airport and delivered my wretched ass home.

I jumped in the car (which started, thankfully) and ran to the grocery store to get some bananas and things. Like, you know, beer.

By late afternoon, I was sitting in one of my rocking chairs on the front porch, drinking a cold Bud and listening to Neil Young. Musta been about 65 degrees, just beautiful. My buddy Foy called, then dropped by for a cold one. And that was pretty much the extent of my day.

Just glad to be home.

I'm off for 4 weeks, then I'll be going to South Africa for 3 weeks with my other boss, Josh Groban. If you read my rants regularly, you know what a great tour that is. Totally cool boss, great crew, a bunch of friends and good times.

Stay tuned for great stories from the other side of the world. OK, I might write a little now and then while I'm home, but there's not really much to write about. We'll see…


Anonymous said...

Uh let's see ... last entry 2/12 ... today is ... uh ... 2/27. Smart ass anonymous reader wonders, "WTF is Bobzilla!?". How the hell do we live vicariously through thou who has a life, if you don't post? I know you're on hiatus but jeez! Even your life on hiatus is funnier than mine! Yeah .. I need to get out more. Hope all is well!

Stormy said...


I hope that you meant you are not going to South Africa and not the whole tour being canceled. Please No!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Bob! Remember Sallie from Rockafellas? I live in Greensboro now! E-mail is salphi@gmail.com.
Long time no see, stumbled upon ur blog....love it!