Monday, February 4, 2008

Day Off in Perth, Australia

Woke up around 8am, but went back to sleep. The Super Bowl was kicking off at 8:20am local time, but I needed more sleep. Guess I'll just have to miss the Super Bowl party downstairs in the bar.

Finally got up in time to see the last couple of minutes of the third quarter and then the entire fourth quarter. I couldn't believe that the Patriots lost. I don't give a crap about the Giants, but I HATE the Patriots. Watching them choke after going 18-0 up to today's game made me feel really good. I was in a happy mood for the rest of the day.

The hotel had free washers and dryers on a couple of floors and even had free soap, so pretty much everyone did their last laundry of the tour today. The laundry room on the third floor was more like a social lounge for crew folks.

I could have gone to see Iron Maiden tonight. It was their first show in Australia in 15 years. The other option was to chill out in my room and watch the first episode of the new season of "Lost." Chill, it was. Maiden, it was not.

Split for the airport shortly after 10pm…


spotcomm said...

Hi Bob:
IRON MAIDEN! Haven't heard from them in a while...
Just found your blog from Terry A's. The internet...what would we do without it?

Anonymous said...


I highly doubt you would have any fucking clue who I am, but I want to tell you a story...

In Fall 2004, a girl bought a ticket to see Deftones at the Trocadero in Philadelphia and was BEYOND excited. However, a few weeks prior to the show, she was fucking crushed as it was announced that the show is 18+, as she was 17-and-a-freakin-half at the time. In addition, she was (still is) a huge Deftones fan and a friend that she met at a Deftones show at Penn State in the previous year was driving eight hours from WV to spend time with her and see Deftones play.

The girl could not bring herself to not try or give up hope. This girl, who got her license a few short months earlier, hopped into her ghetto, 20something year old car, drove through the city of brotherly love (as marked by having the highest relative homicide rate in the country as of now ;D), and showed up at the Troc an hour or two earlier.

She moped around the corner of the Troc and saw a man... talking to people... about backstage passes & goodies... she approached this man, told him her situation (the underage thing), and the man "engineered" a way around her situation, which ABSOLUTELY made her day and meant enough to her for her not to forget about it and write this message to you four years later.

Thank you for doing what you do!

p.s. have a fucking blast in the wonderful land of OZ! I apologize in advance if they make you go to Canberra. I made it my goal to move to Australia for a year or two after going on an academic trip there two summers ago.

Bobzilla said...

Hey, thanks for sharing that story. I actually remember that day. After all, who can forget a day at the Troc? Ha Ha!

I think I told the house security guy at the back door that you were my niece, right? Anyway, I didn't think you were coming in to misbehave, you just really, really wanted to see the show. Bands (and us crew guys) should always try their best to accommodate the hardcore fans...


Bobzilla said...

What up, Donna Reed!!!!

Houston, girl?


spotcomm said...

Houston. Yes. It's not NC. Nor NYC for that matter.
Family transferred here.
It's hot here.
I miss snow sometimes.
Good to hear from you!