Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Show Day in Bern, Switzerland

This, folks, this is a road case for a couch. Yep, you heard me right, a couch.

We have one truck out here (out of a current count of 34 trucks) that carries nothing but furniture and other dressing room crap. And there are 2 guys (Ian and David) who do nothing but deal with dressing room ambience.

Took this shot from stage right tonight. Good view of the crowd.

Here's Andy Bramley, our Video Director, doing his thing during the show.

And this is our Video Engineer Ed Jarman, doing likewise.

I almost missed bus call tonight. The load-out went way faster than normal. Suddenly, it was 2:15am and someone on my bus called me on the radio to tell me that all the other buses were gone and they were sitting at the gate waiting for me. I'd been so busy websurfing and talking to R. Kelly's Tour Manager that I hadn't noticed that everyone was done. D'oh!

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