Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

I got up at my usual 7am and spent far too much time reading the morning paper (damn sales flyers). Finally got out of the house around 10 to take my walk and my pathetic attempt at a run.

Down by the greenway entrance, there were about 75 cars and a couple of taco wagons. Getting the scoop from a guy and his son, I found out that there would be an entire day of soccer games going on in the park here - ten different teams in this casual T-Day tournament. If I was more bored, I might have come back and watched a couple of them.

Did much of diddly all day. After my walk/run, I never left the house. Did some online shopping, watched TV, read. It was a very relaxed day. I only wish that I had my gas logs already – it was that kind of day.

I was gonna get Chinese takeout for my Thanksgiving dinner tonight, but both of the restaurants I like were closed. Looks like it's gonna be a home-cooked meal for me tonight. Damn!


It's a day of remembrance - it was one year ago today that my dear friend David Enloe passed away. I miss him and the world is a less fun place without him in it…

The Rascal that was David Enloe:

These three photos from Terry Anderson's blog:

Terry was David's best friend for most of his life. They were even born on the same day, Christmas Day 1955. The music made by the two of them was and is so special to me.

David and Terry:

Check out Terry's blog HERE.

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FCB said...

Love my gas logs...have had them on since ~5pm today. Still on. You gonna get cool ones w/ a remote control?