Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Night - Buckcherry in Greensboro

No run this morning, needed to take a break. Watched NC State win their 6th game of the year this afternoon (and become bowl eligible). Glad they did that, but the whole college bowl game thing confounds me. There are probably 3 times as many bowl games as there really should be. I think you should win at least 8 games (not 6) to be eligible to play post-season.

Hoped that Duke would beat Carolina today, too, but it didn't happen.

Went to see Buckcherry in Greensboro tonight with my friends Paige and Beth. Buckcherry's tour manager Stephen Shaw is an old buddy of mine and he hooked us up. We had a blast – the girls drank all the way down the road and were quite tipsy and funny by the time we got there. I was driving, so I had to be the "responsible" one. Boo!

The show was good and I ran into a few roadie buddies – guys I'd toured with before, like Kevin "Za" Zazzara and Bruce Danz, and guys I only knew from online, like Aaron Dilks.

Had a good time, and after dropping the girls off at Paige's house, I got home around 1:15am. I wasn't ready to be home, but they were pooped and I didn't feel like going out anywhere by then…

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