Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Day Off at Home

Drive over to Durham this morning to pick up Greg Howard, guitar tech extraordinaire. He's on tour with Aerosmith right now. They played Jones Beach out on Long Island last night and will be passing through on the way to their next gig, in Charlotte. Today's an off day for them, so I pick him up after the bus drops him off and drive him to his house here in Raleigh. He's gonna chill with his wife, then ride to Charlotte with me tomorrow.

Tonight I made dinner for the first time in my house. Bought it in January, moved into it in May, and tonight is the 32nd night I've spent here. Been going out or ordering in the whole time. Until now.

After dinner, it hits me how much I enjoy just staying home and cooking for myself. It's just that my damn social life demands my attention. Who would I be to deprive the world of the pleasure of enjoying my company?

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