Saturday, September 16, 2006

Day Off at Home

My bus driver buddy Joel is in town today. He's out driving some opening act on the Rascal Flatts tour. I run out to Walnut Creek around 1pm to pick him up. Take a quick look at the stage – Holy Shit! Twelve or thirteen trucks worth of gear up on deck. Waaay too much stupid shit. Oh, well, country sells.

Tonight, me and a bunch of friends are going to see the Carolina Rollergirls. They're the local roller derby team.

Folks start gathering at my house around 4pm. Hot sun, cold beers. Meet up with everyone else over at Dorton Arena before gametime.

Wow! It was awesome. Afterwards, about 10 of us went and sat outside at The Raleigh Times for dinner and drinks. After dinner, everybody else split, leaving just me, Terry, and Carina to go to the Rollergirls after-party at King's, a nearby shithole of a bar. Waaay too loud in there, so we only stay for a beer and some conversation with a Rollergirl. Terry gets his picture taken with her, then we split for some bar hopping.

We hit Slim's, the PourHouse, Tir Na Nog, and finally The Capital Room. Carina splits for Durham, then me & Terry wind up on my deck back at the house. We crank up the Rolling Stones and get stupid. He decides that the best way to sober up after all those Jaegermeister shots is by switching back to Guinness. He was gonna crash on my couch, but around a quarter to 4, he decides to head home to Bunn.

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