Saturday, December 5, 2009

Show Day in Richmond, VA

Our show tonight was at the Landmark Theater, known for many years as The Mosque. I'm sure it was a fabulous theater in its day, but it's badly in need of some TLC these days.

Now that the gig's done, we have only two shows remaining. I am seriously counting down the minutes until this tour is done.

I've decided to once again forego having a tour fly me home at the end next week. I'm gonna rent a car the morning after the St. Louis show and drive myself home instead. I'm just hoping the weather cooperates with me. Things may be a bit dodgy mid-week with the snow and whatnot.

Haven't decided where I'm gonna stop along the way or how many days I'll take to get back to Raleigh. We'll see. The one thing I can tell you is I'm going straight to Whole Foods the day after I get home and buying a mess o' garlic and onions and veggies and stuff and junk and things and all. I am "up to here" with tour catering and can't wait to be cooking my own food for a change.

I'd also like to throw a couple of parties while I'm home. Y'all come…


Anonymous said...

Here's to hoping you'll soon make a batch of your garlic dip with a little guacamole flavoring.

Home safe and soon. See ya then.


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