Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day in Jacksonville, FL

Following 2 nights of shows in DC, we left last night around 2am for Jacksonville, Florida, about 710 miles away. Got into our rooms about 2pm. Nice way to spend a holiday, isolated from family and friends and loved ones back home. Oh, yeah, we're living the dream here!!!

I putzed around the room the rest of the afternoon, catching up on email and watching the lopsided football games on TV.

About 7, I walked about a mile to the Chart House, a high-end seafood restaurant. It was one of the few restaurants open around here. There was also a Hooters open about a block from the hotel, but I knew that most of the crew was going there and I didn't want to hang out with them.

Had a killer meal, sitting at the bar, being entertained by a lovely young lady named Tanya. They closed at 9, but I stayed until around 10:30, as it was slow there and Tanya said she enjoyed the company. (Yeah, right, had nothing to do with those tips I was laying on her on a slow bar night.)

It was nice to walk the mile back to the hotel. A bit cool for Florida, but I didn't mind a bit. Stuck my head in the bar back at the hotel, but none of the crew I'd have a drink with were in there, so I headed back to my room for some tube and internet surfing.

Nine shows left on the tour, the countdown's begun…

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