Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Managed a 21-minute run this morning.

Baby steps, fucking baby steps.

As I'm writing this, it's 9 degrees in Chicago. I'm running my air-conditioning in order to cool my house to under 65 degrees so I can go to sleep in an hour or so.

Paige wanted me to go to Total Wine & More with her today, which I was happy to do. I needed to pick up a birthday present for a buddy's birthday tomorrow, and I was bored anyway.

After we shopped there for a bit, she was suddenly craving a glass of wine (imagine that), so we went and sat outdoors at Vivace, a restaurant nearby. It was about 68 or 70 degrees with a slight breeze, perfect for me. We each slapped back a glass of Valpolicella and split a Caprese Salad. Good times…

After she dropped me off back at the house, I ran to grab a few things at Costco and came back home to chill. No plans for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I usually go to Charlotte, but not this year. I'm home alone and don't mind a bit.

Paige and Greg dropped by with their 2 dogs Sophie and Buddy/Nutley/Nelson (they can't decide what to call him) during the evening and we all sat out on the back deck in the "harsh" NC winter weather. It was still 68 degrees, go figure. Paige and I were enjoying a lovely bottle of Cote du Rhone, while Greg had a Ginger Ale as we watched the dogs run around my back yard.

Unfortunately, the dogs managed to push the side gate open and escape the yard. Five minutes later, they were rounded up and back on the deck – this time, reattached to their leashes and not allowed to run around on their own. They both had looks on their faces that said the freedom had been worth the punishment. Oh, to live a dog's life…

P and G bailed a little after 10. I watched the news, blogged this, and soon I'll be headed to bed. Not staying up to wait for Santa.


Anonymous said...

Hey man,
Let's grab a short bike ride this afternoon. I managed a 40 minute "stagger" around the 'hood at 0830 today, and I need more iffin' I'm a goin' to see TA and Chip tonight. Ring me when you get a chance. I suppose I'll be mobile by 1300 or so, following the visit by our boys.


Anonymous said...

I saw the Blog blurb (and Terry Anderson) David and TA are 52...oops! no worries...
He still had to follow Arrogance...I'm not telling him it's in there


Anonymous said...

Hey There!

Annette here. Still in Florida. Michael is in Ca. near Sher. Sorry to hear about your mother. Hope all is well. Take care. Drop me a line. Thinking of you. Take care. Love, Nette

WTF! How do I publish this? LOL. I know you said no stupid questions.