Thursday, January 25, 2007

Almost There...

Today is the one-year anniversary of me buying this house. Yay, me! Best thing I ever did. Couldn't have done without two people. Paige, who rode my ass about all my credit card debt for all those years and pretty much turned my (financial) life around. And Charlene, my neighbor, who called me the instant the owner put the "For Sale" sign up on the place. I was the first person to see it and pounced on it immediately.

Lots to do today. The pre-party housecleaning, that is. I just sent out the invitations to the party. Hoping maybe 15 or 20 people will show up Saturday night.

Still have lots of stuff to hang on the walls. My house is 60 years old, so it has plaster walls. I don't have a drill, and I can tell ya it's a b-i-t-c-h to hammer small nails into plaster. And I've only got about a million things to hang.

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