Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day Off in Portland

Sorry for the gap in my blog posts. I've been busy as hell…

Hate my life. Hate my job. Simple as that. Stress is my new best friend. This sucks!

Watched the Grand Floral Parade this morning. The parade is a H-U-G-E deal here in Portland, and its route had it going right by my hotel's front door. Saw the whole 2 hours of it.

Find out that Greg Howard's in town. He's out with Hall & Oates right now, working as John Oates' guitar tech. Their venue is only 4 blocks from my hotel, so I go down in the middle of the afternoon to hang out with him. My buddy Jesper, who was the LD on the System of a Down tour in '02 is also working for them, and I've known their Tour Manager Todd for a few years, too.

I stay through most of sound check, then head back to my room to watch the Canes game.

Grab a few beers and make it back to the theatre, pick up my lammie from will-call, and make it to stage left exactly 5 minutes before they hit the stage. They play almost all of my favorite H & O songs during their nearly 2 hour set, and some classic R & B hits, too, from their recent cover album "Our Kind Of Soul". I leave during the last song – straight back to the hotel. Early call time tomorrow, gotta get up at 5am.

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